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The Prince and Me 2 (2007)

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SinopsisThree weeks before the wedding of Paige and King Edvard, Prince Albert of Norway shows up unannounced and points out an old law which precludes the marriage; further, he proposes that Edvard marry instead Albert’s daughter, Kirsten, so that Albert, insolvent, can gain access to the wealth of the Danish royal family. The gorgeous Kirsten arrives; she reminisces with Edvard, and she and Paige appear to become friends; she apologizes to Paige for her father’s behavior; still, though, she starts to play dirty tricks on Paige, so the two girls start upstaging each other. Increasing forces cause Paige to return her engagement ring to Edvard, but she stays in Copenhagen to finish the semester. The planning for a wedding with Kirsten continues; on the eve of the ceremony Paige sees an important clue and with help finds an alternate provision; Edvard finds Paige and takes her to the cathedral, where they satisfy the law, and where Edvard and Paige marry each other.
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